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26/04/2010 (Comentar)
The leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, said yesterday that Gordon Brown will not remain prime minister if the Labour Party is third in votes in the election on May 6. With his statements, Clegg found himself running for prime minister,...
23/04/2010 (Comentar)
They say the election debates are boring. Not in the UK. Perhaps the viewer is not particularly interested in British politics to continue the debate last night, the second of the campaign for elections on May 6,...
22/04/2010 (Comentar)
A teenager has launched an egg against Conservative leader David Cameron during a campaign rally in the city of Cornwall, England. The projectile impacted on the shoulder of the Tory candidate, who joked with what had happened.
21/04/2010 (Comentar)
The first televised political debate in the history of the United Kingdom has been a shock to the system for the winner, Nick Clegg. Carried by the 'Clegg impact', the Liberal Democrats have seen ...
20/04/2010 (Comentar)
The British election campaign has entered a moment of bewilderment. Labour and especially conservatives, do not know how to deal with the unexpected emergence of liberal Democrats. And these polls are ...
19/04/2010 (Comentar)
The General Election has been announced to take place on Thursday 6 May 2010. Parliament was dissolved on Monday 12 April and a notice of election subsequently published. Statutory ...
16/04/2010 (Comentar)
Gordon Brown and David Cameron were engaged last night in the first televised debate of the British electoral history, the body to body between Labour and Conservative candidates was limited by the 76 rules governing the appointment,...
15/04/2010 (Comentar)
British politics will live a historic moment tonight when leaders of the three major national political parties meet in a live televised debate, which is common in Western democracies but unprecedented in the United Kingdom.
13/04/2010 (Comentar)
U.S. President Barack Obama's drive for tougher sanctions on Iran gained momentum on Monday in talks with Chinese President Hu Jintao that also focussed on their countries' fractious economic relationship.

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